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How to Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Southern California

California homeowners (all  Counties) now have an easier time building small second dwellings on their property.

Jenny helped to complete the fixes to list and sold at higher price than asking price within two months. She had helpers readily to put in new doors, touch up, And fixed the roof. She and her gardener ... read more
by jktruong78
WOW, we don’t know where to begin to share our satisfied and stress free experience with Jenny. First, Jenny recommended specific improvements & repairs for top sale price; second, she managed the renovation ... read more
by Christine LeCastro
Jenny is a very professional realtor, she made our purchase went as quick and simple as it can get. and she went above and beyond by helping us rent out the house. shes excellence at whats she does, highly ... read more
by geeyusofli
I was so impressed with Jenny's level of customer service. Jenny went above & beyond to make sure that everything was done promptly & correctly, always watching out for my best interest. You can't ... read more
by laura hogue2
Jenny is the best!

She was with us throughout the whole process. She helped us buy, renovate, and sell our home. Since we do not live in California, Jenny's communication with us as she oversaw ... read more
by samsonquach
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 Hi!  This is Jenny and Thank you for visiting my site!   I  am a licensed  Realtor®   with 12 years experience in Southern California.

I think technology and information regardless of how it’s delivered are very important when you’re researching to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

However, I believe you need the human element to help navigate through that multitude of information and technology platforms. It helps to have someone who is familiar with the local markets that you may be considering buying, selling or investing.

I mean if you need heart surgery, would you consider your local butcher or an experience and licensed surgeon? This sounds dramatic but really, you’re making decisions on buying and/or selling an asset that worth half a million dollars or higher! Wouldn’t it be prudent to reach out to a Realtor® vs. going alone?

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