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Home Pricing is Crucial

Buyers now have the upper hand when negotiating in today’s market, which means sellers must painstakingly arrive at the asking price to be successful.

ATTENTION SELLERS: To find success, sellers must price their homes according to its Fair Market Value. Pricing a home accurately is more important today than any other year since the end of the Great Recession. Negotiations are now leaning in favor of buyers, prices are slowly falling, and with affordability taking a drastic hit, buyers are unwilling to stretch, and they will do their due diligence in approaching any offer to purchase. Sellers also must be patient. The housing market is no longer instantaneous. The closer a home looks to a model, the faster it will sell. Pricing a home at the last comparable sale, yet it needs a lot of work, will simply not sell in today’s market. As a result, sellers have a choice. They can either invest in their home and update it prior to placing it on the market, or they can adjust the price to reflect the work that needs to be done. Buyers will also subtract for the hassle to do it themselves....

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