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Are you looking to buy your next home? Make the process easy and straightforward by choosing Jenny A. Le as your Buyer’s Agent!

For a limited time only, we are offering a Professional Home Inspection or 1 Year Home Warranty, completely free of charge!

There are 7 key steps to buying a home: 

Step 1 Deciding to buy a house - developing your criteria and budget, and researching the real estate market.

Step 2 Choosing your real estate agent.

Step 3 Choosing your mortgage lender and selecting a loan. 

Step 4 Booking, visiting, and previewing homes on the market. 

Step 5 Making an offer and negotiating with the seller. 

Step 6 Arranging for the home to be inspected and appraised. 

Step 7 Closing the home purchase with Escrow Services!

With the right real estate agent, buying your new home can be easy and stress-free. Some Buyer’s Agents may only advise you on  the basics of the house purchase process, but if you choose to partner with Jenny A. Le you can rely on great service and impartial support throughout all 7 steps of buying your new home.  

When you choose us, you can expect: 

  • Guidance on pricing your offers, including your highest and best purchase prices.
  • Local market expertise. 
  • Responsive service that meets your needs.
  • Industry experience and a great reputation (take a look at our agent’s license and client reviews!).
  • Complete negotiation and review of contracts directly with home sellers. 
  • Project management of your home purchase from inspection from start to finish. 

Note: Buyer’s Agent commission is paid 100% by the Seller

For a limited time only, we are also offering a Professional Home Inspection or 1 Year Home Warranty, completely free of charge!

To learn more about how Jenny A. Le can help you to buy your next home worry free, get in touch today. We can help you to secure your next property adventure and invest in your future. Let’s get talking!

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